The adult learner may really be a neglected species

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In this article, Sean O’Toole and Belinda Essex agree with Malcolm Knowles who explained in his book (1973) : The adult learner (is) a neglected species, the adult training does not benefit of the same demands and professionnalism that child education.
They present the differences and similarities between the two, separating processes of learning and methods, systems and settings that are used.
They conclude by setting there’s effectively a difference between pedagogy and andragogy. However it is not based on the processes of learning but the result of how adult training is considered in the contemporary sense and its status in the professionnal world.
This is a really very interesting article, and we can effectively agree with the consclusions of these two authors.
But we can also observe that the adult training is becoming more professionnal. The trainers are increasingly qualificated and lheir qualification level is higher. And there’s more engineer of Formation and Formation services in the entreprises.
There’s also in government and entreprises policies of longlife learning to adapt employeers to the evolutions of the work.
All these observations prove a development and a professionnalisation of the adult training, developing an andragogy, not based on  negative differences with pedagogy, but real an positive differences who take on board adult specificities.
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