Technology, Learning, and Individual Differences

I’ve chosen this article because it treats about how it is necessary to take care about the individual learning process, and individual learning strategies in Formation ingeniery.
In a first part, the article presents the différents concepts and learning processes : Self-directed learnig, learning-how-to-learn, Real-life learning, and learning strategies.
In a second part, the authors present the study and its results about learning strategies that adults use in learning engage in an online auction process.
It’s very interessant to see what kind of learning strategies people can engage to do something.
It’s also very interessant to read the participants accounts after the experience. It really shows the individual particularities and how it is important for a trainer to be aware that only the learner have the key of his « how he learns ».
In other words, the trainer has to take on board the individulaity of every learner. He just has to lead him, as a facilitator,  to access to the aknowledge.
This is one of the training difficulties, the trainer has to permanently adapt his tools, his tasks, but also his representations. That’s also what is fascinating in the job. 🙂
 You can read it by clicking on the picture at the top of the article

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