L&D is crucial to combatting youth unemployment

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Rosi Prescott alerts in this article about the problem of young people unemployment in UK.

She insists on the emergency and the importance to prevent future generations. She thinks UK should adopt a forward thinking approach moving forward and presents the eight points  « Pathways to Employment Manifesto 2015 »  which was launched at the House of Commons.


I think very interesting that people have awareness that forward solutions who should prevent lots of problems.

The eight points of the manifesto are in my opinion judicious because they take care about young generations who are the future of the country. And also because they really propose solutions that could prevent actually problems by promoting and facilitating training.

It puts government in his responsabilities about young generations and how they are the future of the nation.


To read this article, click on the picture at the top of the article.

If you are interested, you can also read :


The manifesto here :  http://www.ymca.co.uk/pathways-into-employment-manifesto-2015


Une réflexion sur “L&D is crucial to combatting youth unemployment

  1. This article is very interesting because it reveals an « alarming » situation from which the young people suffer. It is about the unemployment of young graduates or without graduates.
    In this article, the Government proposes solutions and implements (takes) measures to reduce unemployment and to support young people in their projects.
    I think that this problem (unemployment) could be resolved thanks to the alternation between the company and the school. It allows young learners to acquire knowledge and skills.


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