Learning to learn: what type of learner are you?

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Summary :

Learning is not easy for every one, through it is important to be able to learn to learn and identifiate how you learn.

Monique CRAIG presents here the major learning styles, and give some recommandations to help you detect what kind of learner you are.

In a second part, she explains that you have to consider too the social aspect of learning. Also if you are  a social or a solitary learner.


Identifiate what kinf of learner is important for every one to learn efficiently.

It is also important for the trainer to take care of these different styles of learning, and identifiate them by the learners, to adapt his pedagogy and his tools.

In an other way, the engineer of training have to consider it too to think and create his training devices.

In fact, this classification is very restrictive, and we can ask ourselves if in reality, people just use one of these styles, or combinate several.


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Une réflexion sur “Learning to learn: what type of learner are you?

  1. I like this article because i have discovered differents ways to learn i didn’t know before. Personnally i think i’m both verbal and social learner. Moreover, it’s can be usefull for the futur professional of training to them, so that they can better adapt their program to the public.


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